About Rssquarz Tech Solution Pvt Ltd.

Rssquarz Tech Solution Pvt Ltd. is aspiring and working towards to be a leader in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud)

Rssquarz Tech Solution PVT. LTD. (RTS) provides enterprises with strategic insights in their own business domain on what lies ahead and how they should stand up in this wave of digital disruption. RTS enables clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead on the innovation curve. RTS has a unique blend of Gen X and Gen Y employees. The expertise of Gen Y and energy of Gen X resources synergies to give us best outcomes.
Flat, team based and empowered organizations have the potential to outperform tall hierarchical organizations in every competitive industry and that includes software development also. A flat organization unlike a tall organization does not have the middle management layers, because of which their functions having been eliminated. This allows the top management to be in direct contact with their front line Business Development Team. This type of arrangement allows a faster response time when conditions arises.

We are the catalyst for change in an increasingly digital world. We bring together a passion for helping companies dream big, the science of understanding human behavior. We believe in working with you collaboratively, designing solutions for the long-term, and that quality maintained paramount.

We are problem solvers. Our capabilities cover the full digital landscape so that clients can trust us to deliver.


Our team consists of young professionals.

Technology Groups

Our experts are divided in to teams based on their technology focus. We have clearly divided teams based on their skills, so that we can offer our clients parallel development for the various operating system platforms. The Web/Graphics and Database experts support the various OS teams. Our teams are organized as:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Web/Graphics and
  • Database

We have expertise in a wide range of technologies, which is essential to our ability to recommend solutions based on a client’s needs


Our teams are organized around their skills and expertise. They also work cross-functionally, guided by a Project Lead, for each of our client project.
The Project Lead assigns the various blocks of App Development, to ensure that the teams operate in close cooperation, especially when it involves building the same App across multiple platforms. The Design and Database teams’ pool in their work, to effectively reduce the overall delivery time, as they work in parallel.
Our teams are project oriented. A strong testing methodology is followed and QUALITY is built in at every stage