Top 10 Android App Development Trends That Will Rule 2017

Android app development is gaining momentum in the technology industry today with the increase in the number of smartphone users. The growth is just not limited to the usage of a smartphone running on Android but also the need for the several businesses to be easily accessible to the consumers over the mobile gadgets.
An Android app design company will help every business to launch their accessibility over the Android platform and assure the key features of user friendliness, ease of use, security of information transacted in the mobile app and make it lightweight on your device with appropriate memory utilization.

Android App Development Trends in 2017

Every android app design company is gearing up to work along the developing trends as below in this year 2017:

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

    Google maintains a search index for the pages over the mobile appusing the AMP technology and hence the mobile app’s pages are faster and better ranked from the SEO perspective.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

    Revolutionary trend that is dominating the gaming and entertainment industry. Between the two, Augmented Reality is expected to grow rapidly and mobile apps implementing it are a sure hit!
  • Artificial Intelligence

    In order to make life easier for man, Artificial Intelligence in Android Mobile Apps are setting in. The advanced analytical data that is fed to these systems provide great insights to the users to utilize the mobile app for their convenience.
  • Cloud-Driven Mobile App

    Cloud driven apps do not eat up your phone’s memory and you will witness faster apps and the ability to run multiple apps on your android devices.
  • Focus on Security in App

    A focus area for the app developers to take into account. Security being compromised will be a negative trend and advancements to bring about better security can be foreseen.
  • Enterprise Apps & Micro

    apps Will Advance Further – From fulfilling focused tasks through micro-apps to collaborating through enterprise apps, the mobile apps will evolve to see better and task-aligned versions in this year.
  • M-Commerce is becoming a New Standard

    Electronic wallets are seeing brighter horizons with many moving to use the digital currency medium. Mobile commerce will also see an upward trend with this evolution.
  • IOT Will Be Bigger

    Smartphones paved way for IOT and with every development that they step into, IOT gets bigger.
  • Wearable Device Are Getting Attention

    From being seen just as devices assisting healthcare, wearable devices coupled with the mobile apps are gaining attention for its use in further more sectors.
  • Beacon & Location Base Services Are on Rising

    Apple’s iBeacon, Google’s location services have started to alter the perspective of navigation and moving about. In the year 2017, this only gets better.
  • Swift Is Much Swifter Now

    From development per say, Swift is the much sought after language for mobile app developers and offers a lot of developer-friendly features.

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