What is the difference between Mobile Websites and App?

Choosing between mobile websites or app is a debatable topic. According to many, they are really confused while choosing between mobile website or app. We should understand the basic difference between the app and mobile website before evaluating the benefits of both of them. Both mobile websites and app can be accessed on mobile devices like the Smartphone’s, Android and Blackberry and iPhone and tablets. A mobile website is nothing but similar to any other website that can be operated using browser-based HTML pages. The browser should be accessed over the internet with the help of 3G or 4G networks or Wi-fi connections. Mobile website developers develop mobile websites keeping in mind the smaller size of a handheld device.

Apps, on the other hand, are applications that are actually downloaded on your mobile. Device specific portals like Android Market or Blackberry App are visited by users with an intention to download the app for a definite operating system.

Mobile websites vs. Mobile Apps

  • Benefits

    Mobile apps are more advantageous than mobile websites. They are installed on the phones and they remain silent in the phones. Once there is any notification, there is a pop up in your phone through which you can reach them easily. People tend to visit websites very infrequently and hence if there is any sales promotion done by any company, they are not aware of the same.
  • Features

    Although apps and mobile websites are not the same but their features are identical. Some of the features of app and website are one-click calling, mobile commerce, social sharing and click to map.
  • How to build

    On your device’s web browser, you can access the mobile websites. You can hire a mobile web developer to develop the website. To draw customers and gain their trust, mobile websites are needed however apps are required to retain customers.
  • Cost

    For making transactions which are small in nature, people trust apps. If you are running a small business, a mobile app is something that is going to benefit you. People spend less on apps however they tend to spend more time on it.
  • Increasing Performance

    As stated, apps are more effective marketing tools than mobile websites. The websites attract the customers while the apps retain them. Apps increase the performance more compared to websites.
  • Future Safety

    It has to be remembered that for a complete marketing strategy, mobile apps and websites are both needed. They have become an indispensable part of every business.

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