How to improve your mobile app ranking with ASO?


Did you ever wonder how an app’s functionality or an app’s success measured is? Is it even tracked? Like for websites we have Search Engine Optimization, similarly, people started feeling the need to have a tracking system for mobile apps too. That is when the entire concept of ASO came up. App Store Optimization aims at improving the visibility of the mobile apps that are available on the store for download. This is applicable for all the below softwares –

  • BlackBerry world for all Blackberry phones
  • Windows for Microsoft phones
  • App Store for iPhones
  • Google Play for Android phones

While this is becoming increasingly popular, it is important that you the perfect mobile app ranking. Wondering what is mobile app ranking? Well, very similar to website ranking, today, we have mobile app ranking too. As per these analytics, if your mobile app has the best features and it’s highly responsive to the customer’s needs then there are high chances that it will top the charts of ranking.

9 Important tips for Mobile App ranking factors

While this concept may be new for a lot of people, it is definitely not the same for the mobile app development companies. Since they keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in the industry, they have adopted the ASO style as soon as it hit. However, here are some basic tips that you can keep in mind while you are head hunting for the best company to provide you these services -

  • App title

    This is the first thing people see in your app. As a matter of fact, people will make their decision of downloading the app also based on the app title. That is why this is one of the most important mobile app ranking factors that you should keep in mind.
  • Review, rating, and user experience

    It is important for the mobile app development company to keep in view the review, rating and user experience of the mobile app. These are the elements that come from the customer, and that is why it is vital that you keep the customers happy. If you give them the best, you will get some of the best rating and reviews for the app. Thus, ensure that the user experience is a top priority for your app. This will surely make or break your mobile app
  • Download rate

    As a user, aren’t you happy if the app gets downloaded within seconds? Well, it is always recommended that you think from a user’s point of view and this is one factor that surely will pop up in your mind when you think that way. When analytics has to rate your app, they surely consider the speed at which the app is downloaded, irrespective of the software of the phone.
  • Keyword used in App

    If you think using hi-fi words in your mobile app is going to impress the users and the people who are ranking your mobile app, then you may be wrong. In fact, it is important that you use the right keyword at the right place. While this is important, you must also ensure that there is no keyword stuffing.
  • Social Links Benefits

    It is always a great idea to have all your other social media pages and websites linked to your mobile app. This is very important for an ASO as when you are providing social links benefits to your user, your mobile ranking surely hits up.
  • Easy Navigate website

    If you wish to go high up in the arena of digital marketing for the healthcare industry, then it is vital that you spread out your options, but keep them simple to use and understand. This is a very powerful key to attract more digital customers. While people want everything on the go, they also want it to be simple and easy to navigate.
  • Creative Description

    The mobile app development company must make sure that the description of your app on the download site is alluring to the readers. Yes, this is also an important mobile app ranking factor that is considered while ranking different mobile apps.
  • Size of the mobile app

    If you want your mobile app ranking to be high, ensure that the mobile app size is sweet and small – as simple as that. The smaller the size, more people are able to download and thus your customer base increases.
  • Responsive apps

    You may have various buttons and navigations apps within your one big mobile app. The responsiveness of that app shall also be an important feature of mobile app development services that the app development company brings to you

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