A realtime comparison between web development platforms like Wordpress, Weebly and Wix

There are many website development companies in the world which provide web development services to their clients. This is the era of Information Technology, so every business is taking the help of digital marketing to reach the world. Websites are the platform where anyone can present their business digitally. But the most important part is which website development option should be chosen so that the website works well. The preferable website development options are WordPress, Weebly or Wix. There are many website development companies which are using these options.

Wordpress is becoming most popular website development platform which is used by many businesses on the Internet today. This is a cost-effective website development solution which has become the essential part of the internet powering about 25% of all websites. Weebly is another popular website builder, it is super flexible and has a free for life plan. On the other hand, Wix is another website builder platform which covers themes hosting and free extensions but it adds Wix branded advertisements on the header and the footer of your website. Your website domain will look like username.wix.com/sitename.

Comparison Between Wordpress, Wix and Weebly

  • These three content management systems are probably the most popular website development platforms because of costing and easy to access characteristic as well as different themes etc.

  • Let us compare these three website development platforms on the basis of few points. Wix, WordPress, and Weebly, they all work on WYSIWYG interface. Each Wix premium plan has bandwidth limitations and storage. One can pay monthly or you may choose a yearly plan. WordPress can beat Wix with flexible plans which are available in a wide variety of web hosting companies. The cost mainly depends on how much you want to use resources, and you are free to use your WordPress site in any way you want. On the other hand, Weebly yearly plans are little costly than Wix.

  • Generally, beginners don't want to spend much time in learning new skills. Both Wordpress and Wix allows you to create websites without prior knowledge of coding. Weebly is the easiest of all three. If we talk from the SEO point of view then all these three website builders prove equal for Search Engine Optimization. Thus all the three website builders prove to be a best for SEO, because SEO works on keywords rather than the format of the website.

  • If you talk about themes and layouts of the website builders then Wix comes up with more than 500 templates from which one can choose for their website. All the Wix designs are fully responsive and written in HTML.Wordpress themes range from small personal sites to the full-fledged sites. Most of the themes come up with the building customization and users can download free themes from the wordpress.org . Weebly has nearly hundred themes which you can customize using their drag and drop tools.

  • Weebly allows you to open your own online store but their features are very basic and there is not much you can do to customize it. On the other hand, WordPress has several robust e-commerce plugins which will allow you to create your own online stores like I-themes exchange and several others.Thus, if we compare between Weebly and wordpress then WordPress is the winner with respect to e-commerce. Wix offers e-commerce with their paid plans so if the uses want to run e-commerce store they have to paid first. Therefore, WordPress is the best option to choose.

  • Wix comes with nearly 200 + apps that you can add to your sites on the other hand wordpress calls it as plugins and wordpress offers more than 38000 free plugins. Weebly has least number of plugins compared to wix and WordPress.

  • If we compare these three website builders on the basis of hosted platform versus self-hosted then Weebly is completely a hosted service. This means that your website relies on the server. On the other hand WordPress is a free software which you can install on your own web hosting account. Wix is a hosted platform. Wordpress key features are its simplicity, flexibility, publish with ease, user management, publishing tools, media management, extend with the plugins, easy theme system, SEO plugins, multilingual, application framework, custom content type, latest library etc.

  • Weebly has a WYSIWYG, drag, and drops website editor, intuitive website builder. Wix has come up with and reliable hosting, app market, custom domain name, one-Pager website and easy Drag and drop options.

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