How Google Trends Useful For SEO


Google Trends is very effective tool for evaluating statistical searches on google. That depends upon highest search-volume means total searches in different regions and languages. Using this we can easily find out which person, thing or element comes in leading position in countries or in the world.

Peoples are looking the ones which they curious approximately, and Google knows what its index. It will give you a visual representation of internet interest. While performing google trends four variables are shown:

  • Web Search- Where we choose Image search, News search, Product search, YouTube search.
  • Worldwide- Where we select a country name.
  • From 2004 to Present- Select date duration like days, weeks, months and years for statistical information.
  • All Categories- Select any categories which you looking for.

Also, we can compare up to five search terms by adding ‘+’ sign and we create similar search terms classification in one group, with up to 25 search terms in each grouping. Google also shows Hot Searches and Top Charts in Google Trends, what is search most for the day on a category.

SEO Tips For Google Trends

In Terms of Keyword Research

It’s shows a level of interest for a prospective keyword phrase, it doesn’t give actual search numbers but it works best when it used with a combination of keyword planner, we can easily target potential phrases.

For example, if you are selling beauty products. When does interest in beauty products peak? Which actually search phrase used for beauty products or cosmetics or any? Right here we will set our variables like date period, place and class deliver an actual trending end result or we will realize optimizing information on your business.

Geo Targeting

It displays more searchable phrase in area wise location which easily gives you graphical specification of your trending product. Regions are divided into categories includes metro cities, major cities, and particular small area. Also, includes regional interest which helps SEO for geo-targeted PPC, that’s very valuable to get targeted clients.

News Jacking

It is one of the techniques of promoting your business through placing on a campaign. First, choose idea turn into news article of hot searches related to your business. So the most traffic is search and comes directly to your website which helps SEO. The Breaking news article, in real-time, generate media coverage for your business. The basic procedure to make News Jacking is to choose a trending topic, make a suitable blog about it, then post or tweet it and don’t make the fake news.

Video Content

Google Trends search for “YouTube” with search parameter set to YouTube. This is part of video phrase research where we find what trends are rising on YouTube.

Link Building

Links are the outcome of your content marketing efforts. It is happening when quality and important points are covers in your blogs by which peoples are searching and they satisfy with content.

Brand Monitoring

It works only for “big brands” with sufficient search volume. Take three or Four competitors of different companies are used for optimise better result.

Content Creation

Content should be very familiar and acceptable for that region so that user shows actual interest and they will satisfy your content. Every step of content should easily demonstrate and activities experienced by the user which was taken to its required destiny which they are looking for. If you search for any content, the rising phrases show top positive percentage in a chart, above +5000 % is said to be “breakout” for rating.

Google Trends is the best tool which helps SEO to analyse competitor in terms of content, brand, quality, and phrases traffic.

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