Important On-page SEO ranking factors

SEO ranking in simple terms is the order in which a website is displayed on the search engines. Day by day with advancement in technology, new factors are into consideration by the top search engines to refine and standardize their search results. Earlier, content, relevance, originality, etc., played a vital role. But today based on access points, adaptability of the site with mobile, tablets, etc., is one of the vital factors considered while refining results by the search engines. Other factors like https that symbolizes security of the site, loading time, etc., also add to the traditional filtering terms. To be on top of the competitors, it is important to watch out for the dynamic SEO ranking factors.

8 Most Important Ranking Factors in SEO to rule over Google search engine

  • Sitemaps and robots.txt

    Sitemaps and robots.txt may look complicated software terms but from a layman perspective, they are just simple text format files. They have contrasting roles but are essential for ensuring a smooth tie with the search engines. They also ensure a good experience for the visitor. Robots.txt guides the search engine on parts of the website not to be visited. This helps in preventing errors like ‘Error 404’ ensuring a better experience for the visitors every time.
    On the opposite end, Sitemaps are text format files that have a list of parts of the website the crawler or search engine can visit. This helps in indexing greater number of web pages on search engine results.
  • Using effective meta tags and image tags

    Meta tags are basically hyperlinked text that has more information attached to it. Meta tags are very useful and improve SEO rankings and right usage of meta tags can earn higher rankings on Google search pages. Similarly, Image tags help in loading images faster and in the right visual feel.
  • Content length and Uniqueness

    Content is the soul of any website. Length of each paragraph/webpage is very important for attracting an audience and building interest. The content on the website must be very unique, original and refreshing for web crawlers or search engines to match the search query by the potential visitor.
  • Page load time

    The modern age is very particular about time and has very less patience. The website must load quickly even in average internet speeds to minimize frustration amongst the visitors. Hence, it is obvious for Google to rank websites that load faster before the others.
  • Mobile friendly

    The accessibility factor plays a major role in today’s era. Most websites today need to mobile friendly and should be accessible via mobile. Increasingly, search engines are deriving traffic from smartphones and tablets, which makes it very essential for a website to be as friendly as possible to different platforms like mobiles and tablets.
  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research helps in adding appropriate quality keywords in content that help web crawlers identify and match results with the potential visitor queries. Rssquarz, the SEO company in India helps in analyzing the right keywords with accurate research to improve the visibility of the website on the search engine pages rankings.
  • Age of the domain

    Another crucial factor of consideration for on-page SEO ranking is the domain age. The time for which the website has been active, in service or was registered can create a significant perception. The higher the age, the greater is the trust and reliability.
  • Backlinks

    Backlinks are opposite of hyperlink, which are used to divert traffic back to the website from a partner or another website. It might be used in web pages to direct to the home page also. SEO agency helps to collect useful backlinks appropriately to hold traffic a little longer.

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