Why Voice Search Optimization is Important in SEO?

Tired of typing long texts? Tired of opening a browser to find answers? Or tired of searching for the exact thing you want to use in that long list of suggestions? Speaking has always been fun than typing or writing, hasn’t it? We got you back on this one, here we introduce you to a remarkable new technology, namely the voice search optimization for your website. We at RTS, the best SEO company India, will introduce this technique in this article.

A very technical term you must be wondering, but it has a very simple meaning. Voice search optimization is a technology that was developed to use your voice as a command and perform the task instead of asking you to type it in the search field. Look up for the answers to your questions, call anyone in your contact list, launch any application, play your favorite tunes and the list goes, without having to type it.

This technology is on the top of the trending list as it is contributing greatly to making everyone’s lives easier and saves time plus also is a very reliable source to obtain information we require also enabling multi-tasking. Currently, voice search makes up 20% of the total online searches. Huge figure in less time!

What was the need to develop this technology? We were using the old technology of typing that was pretty much a good one. But as said “changes are necessary and always should be for the best”.

Moving on to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is a process that affects the online visibility of a website on the web search engines. This means that the website that contains the best content relating to a particular topic searched by a user will be analyzed by the search engines first and then displayed on the various ranks as the best relevant result for the search query to the user. The search engines act as librarians who collect the data from various books and provides the most relevant one.

So how is SEO related to Voice Search Optimization?

As we very well now know how Useful and trendy Voice Search Optimization is and not using this is not at all a good choice. The better natural speech patterns on the website the better will be the SEO ranking.

Important Tips for Voice Search Optimization in SEO

  • Natural Speech Pattern:

    We need to learn the difference between typed language and spoken language. The content that is typed is not similar to the one that is spoken. Example: while typing a user may be more precise and type “current temperature in Indore” but in speech the user may say “what could be the current temperature in Indore”. So we need to build content on the basis of natural speech pattern in our websites to attract more web users and provide relevant content.
  • Use Long-tail Keyword:

    As stated earlier users use long terms during a speech search thus having the content that has a higher possibility of matching with the targeted customers' search keywords. Thus, making your website more likely to pop up in the higher ranks of the search results. This can be done by analyzing interactive and technical questions.
  • Give Special importance on Mobile:

    It is true that from the date smart phones were launched for sale they haven’t looked back and with the introduction of new features like the voice search it is becoming more popular and gone are those days when people used to carry heavy mobile devices, everyone prefers using a smartphone instead. With over billions of search queries and traffic coming up from mobile phones we need to make sure our content is mobile friendly and optimized for voice searches to stay high on the Search engine ranking.
  • Focused on Semantic language:

    Semantic language is related to the meaning in the words of a language. Which means two words may mean the same in a language, but may be different when used. Here "destination" and "last stop" technically mean same, but can vary with the use. So in order to stay on the top of SEO we need to develop the content with semantic language that are used in natural speech for better results.
  • Use Micro-data:

    To better understand the requirements of a user we also need to use precise and relevant content that are to the point and not deviated. Users use voice searches mostly for the navigational purposes such as looking for a restaurant/address, etc. we need to update our content with every possible detail of nearby important locations, stores, phone numbers, landmarks, type of business and other precise data.
  • Make website mobile friendly:

    We need to make sure our website is mobile friendly. Which means to ensure whether our website will be compatible when used on a mobile device and also facilitate voice search on a search engine when used on a mobile device. Make sure the website is fully functional and creates no errors when used on a smart phone or table. To test that tech giants such as google have also launched features such as MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST which will let you know if your web page will rank in mobile search.
  • Allow resources to crawl:

    Crawl word is quite spooky, but it’s okay. Crawlers are just programs that search engines use to find the content on the World Wide Web. All we need to do is make our programs search friendly that is for the search engines can track down our content without trouble. We must use web crawlers such as HTML, JAVA. The type of files that should be avoided are Flash files, Images and other not text files. Videos and images must contain text descriptions for the crawlers to locate and display them.

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