Important Tips for SEO competitor analysis

Business without competitors is a business without any new functioning. Competitors have always been a major part of any business. Without them, analyzing your areas of improvement would not be possible as there will be no areas of comparison and improvement. It gives you an insight into what others are working upon so that also you may learn new areas to focus and improve. In this article, from best SEO company India, we will ponder on this topic of Competitive analysis.

Competitive analysis is defined as a method to study and evaluate the strategies, strengths and weaknesses of other entities performing tasks similar to yours and finding out the deviations and raising the quality of your product and services to out-rage the other marketers.

Now the question arises why do we need it in SEO. Well, it is a major element of SEO Ranking considering the growing market. You need to know how the other entity is attracting more users than you are. Learning about why they are on the top will give you a standard you can focus on to compete them and rise to the top. It will help you to develop new and better strategies from the existing ones.

Important Tips to find Competitor Analysis in SEO

Whenever you analyze, consider analyzing in a broader way. We at RSsquarz help you analyze the competitors and provide you with developed standards to grow in a step by step manner stated as below:

  • Pick out the top Competitors:

    The simplest method to find your competitors is to type a keyword in Google’s search bar and choose whoever appears on the first page. Instead, you could use SEO ranking identifiers available on the internet. It asks for extra information than just a keyword, but the results it renders are more generous.
  • Keyword Research:

    Before going any further, keep in mind the fact that you should know what keywords they are ranking for. Search the keyword using various search engines prepare a list of competitors and then analyze their website closely the designs, patterns and various other details which facilitates the traffic towards their website and not yours. You can also use many websites which help you find the top SEO ranker to find your competitors.
  • Analyse Competitors (On-page & Off-page):

    It is the most important part of Competitor analysis. Without it, finding the deviations is not possible and scope of improvement will reduce. Analyze the way the data are presented, the content, the site structure, keyword focus on their websites, the content used the textures used and every other single detail on the web page. Use it as a measurement standard for your website and start working on improving your website by introducing more of newly developed ideas.

    Off-page analysis refers to analyzing backlinks, which further assesses how authoritative, relevant and appropriate the referring pages are, the number of links present, their origination, and their quality and most importantly can you recreate them for your own site.

  • Social Media:

    Another trendy factor which helps you to analyze your competitors and their strategies over social media platforms. It helps you learn about how traffic is attracted to websites like yours using social media and also helps you develop mechanisms to use social media as an advertising platform. Using this platform you could develop many new ideas for attracting traffic to your websites such as developing the blogs, using polls, new ways to increase likes, shares, comments on various websites.
  • Identify Content Strategy:

    This factor is one of the most worked and to be focused upon strategy. Without a good and relevant content, a website cannot top the SEO ranking, despite advertising or a good site structure. We need to provide content that is easy to understand and also are similar to the keywords most searched for on the basis of voice search as well as typed search. Relevant and extra-ordinary content for every query will help you stay on the top of the SEO ranking.
  • Evaluate Marketing strategy:

    With this factor you would understand the marketing strategies of a business. The methods of promotion, the way they advertise to attract more traffic. The way they manage the marketing supplies can be evaluated under marketing strategy.
  • Check Technical optimizations:

    Using this factor you would understand the key areas that needs to be upgraded in technical terms such as machinery and software. With daily growing users and new innovations, we need to stay upgraded to serve the best. Everything we use needs to be technically idolized. We need to be ready with every hardware to support the traffic and stop our server from going down. We need to work upon the 24*7 working of the website and display of the best content over it.

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This is not it, there are many more factors to be worked upon and working of them is not at all an easy task, it requires a lot of time and effort as well as monetary resources if doing it on the self-basis. But to save your time and other important resources we at RSsquarz, the best Pune based SEO Company India, will help you by working for you. Our efficient team will make every possible research that too keeping your budget in mind and our tech-obsessed team will make the modifications in your existing website. We are available to serve you with our services 24*7. We will serve you with our after sales regular service. We will provide you guidance in a suffice manner and also provide every technical support. The product we will develop for you will be delivered on time and at your doorstep. We will help your brand stand out of the clutter and become the talk of the town. Partnering with us will only benefit your business.

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